About Us


Are you a fan of facebook and android games but also the kind of player who does'nt want to buy boosters, in-game money and other stuff in a game that involves real cash? Then, welcome to www.alvisgames.com!

You are spending an adequate amount of hours to check into your game progress, earning enough in-game currency to buy stuff,
then build stuff, and then upgrade some stuff. You are also itching to upgrade stuff to a higher level,
so you could earn more than enough to levelup your gameplay, but upgrade countdown is not even close to completion.
What if you could do all this at once because you have more than enough resource to do so?
You say "where's the fun in that?", then what if there's an upcoming update
that will make a huge change to the entire game like say, a new building that can generate more money?
Or a cool booster for faster level completion? Or a really awesome game item that can boost your in-game characters fighting power to a different level?
But sadly you can't have those because you are sticking to you "where's the fun in that?" kind of thinking or you're not the type to spend a dime for a game like "yeah! who would?" or worst, you don't even have a dime to spend at all!

If so, then welcome to alvisgames.com, a website that gives away points, tokens, boosters and coins to some of the most well-known facebook games for free! Yes, for free. Games like Candy Crush, Pyramid Solitaire Saga, GSN Casino, Jackpot Party Casino and more.
Take note, we don't give it like those gems, diamond, coins, gold etcetera etcetera generators that asks you to connect your phone to your computer or whatever.
Or like some pesky free items after filling up some survey or some shit like that. NO!! We don't do stuff like that. All you have to do is solve the captcha then voila!
You have yourself an enormous amount of points or whatever you call it to buy some stuff, build some stuff or upgrade some stuff.

We also give away some stuff for android apps.
Want to know more? take a tour around the site, you can also place a request for the game or app you want to have some points, coins, gold, diamond, cash or whatever game currency.